God is such a good God!

God is so good! Just recently I was fortunate to see several big White Tailed Eagles, and one day even a eagles nest!
Eagles are amazing birds! They use the uplifting winds and soar higher and higher, without taking a single beat with their mighty wings! Jesus says that we shall ”look at the birds”, and we can learn so much by doing that. Often eagles have minor attacking birds following them, trying to tease them. But the eagle just soar up higher, than any bird can follow, or dive quickly and no one can follow! Today we have lot of issues ”attacking” our minds and bodies, severe circumstances where we don´t know how to handle! But we can do as the eagles, we can go higher! We can lift our eyes to The Lord, and focus on Him! He cares for us! He want the very best for you and me! Often we stay focused on the obsticles, instead of leaving them to The Lord!
Remember that we have the initiative today, to draw near to God! He gave His best to us – Jesus! And Jesus gave His life for us, that we through Him can have salvation, peace, healing and guidance even in small things in everyday life!

Be blessed to day, to draw near to God, and He will draw near to you! James 4:8

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