PerMission Tour in Slovakia 2014

Every year for many years now, in August we have had PerMission Tours around west and central Slovakia! For me personally, it´s definitly one of the absolute peaks of the year! The fantastic teams from Bratislava, together with the devoted local leaders, creates such a wonderful fellowship and strength! We are going out with the Gospel, on the streets and in the different environments, where people are living! During 11 days, we had 13 meetings plus a lot of home visits, to pray for sick people!
Approx.100 people received salvation, and we prayed for maybe 1000 people for healing! So many testified of their emediate healing! All glory to Jesus!

Great response in Bratislava
Great response in Bratislava
Laura with Gipsy girls
We had such a good response, when we had outreach with the Gipsy group in Banska Bystica
Beautiful Bratislava
Beautiful Bratislava
Many people received healing and salvation!
We had a great team on this tour! Here we have some lunch break in Banska Stiavnica.
Preaching in Bratislava. Hundreds of people stayed and listened, and we had three hours of prayer line for healing!

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