Preparing for Slovakia and Czech Republic ”PerMission Tour” 2013

Street meeting in Slovakia
Street meeting in Slovakia

Prayer line in Bratislava
Prayer line in Bratislava
In just a few days, August 14-25, I´m going for the annual Slovakian mission tour. Since a few years we call it ”PerMission Tour”!
Together with the Slovo Zivota Church in Bratislava, and connecting churches over Slovakia, we do outreach meetings.
Out on the squares of the different cities, we proclaim The Gospel of Jesus Christ! Very often there are prayer lines for several hours, with people who want Jesus to touch them! And He does! Jesus is the same today!
Through wonderful praise teams from Bratislava, and a whole group of commited workers, we try to invade Slovakia with The Good News!
We will visit the cities Zilina, Banska Stiavnica, Banska Bystica, Topalcany, Sered, Nitra, Komarno and of course Bratislava!

It´s just such a privilege to serve The Living God and to serve the people, together with these wonderful and devoted people of Slovakia! We expect Lord Jesus to move with His mighty power, for people to be saved, healed and delivered!

From August 26 – September 1, we will continue the tour in Czech Republic, in Brno and other cities around Brno.


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