Time for Christmas and a New Year – Time to allow Jesus to be your Lord !

After a very intense fall, with totally 13 weeks of trips to different countries, it´s now time to allow Jesus to touch my own heart again! It´s easy to just continue running around the World, for more and more trips to serve people!
But to be able to serve more people, you need to let Jesus fill you over and over again, with His Spirit! (Eph.5:18)
When we come to the end of the year, it´s very good to look back a little bit, and see if you could have done this year in a better way! Or maybe you come to the conclusion, that you are actually satisfied with your year!
I must say, that I´m very happy and satisfied with my year with The Lord has been!
Never before in my life, I have seen so many people being saved and healed as this year! That fills me with such wonderful satisfaction! Praise The Lord!
I also want to admit, that I used to say, that we in the western countries, don´t see so many healings and miracles, because we don´t ”need” Jesus so much! But that I will never say any more! This fall we have seen so many healings in Norway and in America, and we will see it also in Sweden for sure!

It seems like The Lord is pouring out of His anointing for healing and miracles more and more!

So dear friends, get ready during this period of Christmas and New Year, to receive Jesus into your life!

May God bless you for this coming new year, to accomplish what God has already planned for your life!

Jesus loves you, and so do I!
Per Cedergardh


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