My name is Per Cedergardh, and I have been a preacher since 1977, for over 35 years by now. 1963 I was saved, actually now 50 years ago!

1983 I was in Los Angeles at a Full Gospel Business Men meeting, where I gave a testimony. After that meeting a person gave me a prophetic message from The Lord, where God told me about present things, and about the future! One major thing God spoke of, was that I should go with the message of healing, deliverance and restoration to the people, all over the world!

Today 30 years after that prophecy, I am living in and doing what God spoke to me, that I should do!

Many years have gone by, and we have seen many miracles and healings from God, wherever we have been in the world!

In John 14:12-14 Jesus promise us, that we will do the same works as He did, when He was walking here upon the Earth!

We read in Mark 10:45, that Jesus came and served the mankind, and gave His life a ransom for many! 

I have found out during many years of practice, that we should do the same – Serve the people, with the love of Jesus! So as much as possible I try to serve people in a personal way, by praying for everyone individually, and show compassion for everyone! That was what Jesus did, and that has been my focus for over 35 years!

This vision has become like a burning fire in my life to fulfil!

The name PerMission is actually a very natural name of the ministry! My name is Per, and God has given us Permission to go out in His anointing to the people!
Hope stands of course for Hope, but also for Healing of the People!
That gives the name of the ministry PerMission Hope!